Butt Fusion

Butt Fusion is a proven method of welding together polyethylene pipes and fittings. A fusion machine holds the pipe and/or fitting, while a cutting blade trims the ends of the pipes. A heating plate is then placed between the pipes allowing the two ends to heat up and bond permanently once joined. After cooling, the bond becomes stronger than the pipe itself and you have one monolithic system.

IMSCO supplies pre-fused materials and provides fusion support and rental services.



Industrial Municipal Supply Company Inc. is a wholesale distributor and supplier of Polyethylene/HDPE, PVC & Ductile Iron pipe, valves, and fittings to industrial, landfill, oil field, dredge, and municipal customers. We are locally owned and convenently located in Gonzales, Louisiana so our customers have immediate access to our products and services. During your project, our factory trained service technicians can provide you with field fusion service, fusion certification, equipment repair, and special fabrication on site. Our extensive fleet of fusion and installation rental equipment will enable you to efficiently complete your job on schedule.